Saturday, January 12, 2013

beach time

i did some revisions on my beach painting- my mentor mike yamada gave me lots of good critique/advice on this one! :)


  1. Lovely. :]
    You have a lot of really great work on your blog!

  2. Beautiful! I love those seagulls!

  3. Hi Angela your work is awesome! Also I really like Mike and Victoria. I may going to take their vis dep class in CDA. :D
    Can I ask what kind of brush you used for this painting? It's beautiful!

    1. Hi! Thanks!! Mike and Victoria are great and I heard their class was good. I can't really remember which brush I used for this one because I sort of randomly pick up whichever looks good from my brushes. I have a set that I collected from a few websites, I think had some pretty great ones for digital painting. I'd suggest finding or making some good brushes and then just playing around with what feels nice! :)

    2. Thank you so much! XD Also nice to meet you today! Paul is so nice~ :)